January 29, 2020
Alejandra Holguín Arquitectos
January 29, 2020
parallax background

SIIR Soluciones

Logo + brochure + Website




Headings and paragraphs: Maven Pro

Color palette


About the project

This company needed a logo, brochure and website to solve their need to provide information about their engineering services as well as display the most prominent projects to your potential clients.

The logo presents the geometry of the letters S I I R, described in a hexagonal grid and presenting an exact vertical symmetry, its style offers the sensation of depth. Under this imagotype the word Soluciones is presented (which can also be placed on the right side if necessary). The yellow color evokes electricity and the blue color evokes metal, essential elements in the engineering work of the company.

A brochure in 9:16 format was designed to share via mobile messaging, as well as images for social networks and signatures for electronic core. The website was developed in Wordpress, its design is responsive, includes map, portfolio, contact form and photo galleries.