Conciertos de quinta
February 6, 2020


Label + Packaging





Labels: Montserrat

Packaging: Lucida Grande

Color palette

About the project

Varietale needed to redesign the labels and presentation packaging for coffee beans for sale in their shop. The old label had a color code and geometric textures that were unclear and had no relevance to the product and its characteristics. The production of these tags or collars was expensive and impractical. On the other hand, the previous bag had problems with the sealing (with a wire clasp that fell off easily) and with the information that was consigned, including official logos of entities that had to be withdrawn for corporate reasons.

The new label presents unity in terms of layout, typography, color and arrangement of the elements. The summary of the product's technical sheet was included in order to clearly inform the buyer about the qualities and characteristics of the product. The approach to the new packaging consists of a ziploc type closure with a valve to maintain the freshness of the product. The printed design received minor updates and improvements in form and content. Information such as net weight, barcode and sanitary registration were standardized.