January 31, 2020
January 29, 2020
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Lo que no se narra se olvida

Book + booklets



Headings: Raleway

Paragraphs: Lato

Color palette


About the project

The research group needed to record the process and the result of their work in a 100-page printed book. The design was carried out in Adobe InDesign, letter sized (closed) and full color format. Texts and photographs provided by the team were used.

Due the research content of the book, emphasis was placed on highlighting the photographs of the research process: Chapter entries are double-page photographs, almost all pages have a photo of at least 30% of the printing area, cover and back cover are photographic too. The color palette came from different photos taken at the municipality of Cáqueza, Cundinamarca.

The book also includes a tabloid size insert that includes a map and an agricultural product characterization table. It was delivered finished for offset pre-printing and for lithographic printing with rustic binding.